Friday 4 March 2016


You may or may not have noticed my beauty brand has started a campaign called #feelfulfilled.  I have not got into depth about the campaign but for now I am just warming things up about it online.
The Feeling of Fulfilment is a feeling like no other. To be whole and complete sometimes feels impossible to reach, however it is definitely obtainable. Its not a matter of wether you have married, have children or a child, got that dream job, house or car. But it is a matter of where you place yourself. You see, you can have all of that and not feel complete.
Depression is something I have battled in my life SEVERELY to the point where I was literally afraid of people. It is because I decided to place myself in a place where I did not feel I was worthy of anything.
My journey has taught me so many life lessons. From differing relationships, friendships, working with different people, my various different jobs I have worked, the places I have travelled to, each time I pull a little something to shape and mould me to get through this journey.
If there is anything you can do for yourself, work on your character. To me fulfilment is a reward. A reward of your humility, your character, how you help people (sincerely), a reward of your hard work and commitment.

Short but sweet post, but I hope this helps someone out there.

You need to get to the point that, no matter where you are at in your life, if you have tried, and worked for it... feel PROUD! Feel proud of yourself!

Outfit Details
Unfortunately the top, jeans and shoes are old. But here is the details of the coat from Elvi Clothing


  1. Hi Chanel, I read just a brief summary of this post on instagram and I had to come read the rest. I can relate to this journey so well, I feel like its almost Wisdom. And the only way to gain "Fulfillment and Wisdom" is through to be honest trials and tribulations in our own life. And I have followed your journey on youtube and you are a True Inspiration. P.S for some reason i've been trying to subscribe to your blog and it doesn't allow, not too sure if its bc where I'm located.

    Tashia from

  2. Great post, spoke to where I am at :-)

  3. Short and sweet. Living a life true to oneself brings about fulfillment. And after this post, I need to get me a pair of while jeans!

  4. Short and sweet. Living a life true to oneself brings about fulfillment. And after this post, I need to get me a pair of while jeans!

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