Friday 4 March 2016


Just to run you through a typical day of mine, before we get right into this post!
I normally wake up alone! Hubby has already gone off to work, he would normally give me kiss on the head whilst am half asleep or he will say softly am off to work whilst I am miles away in sleepy land and I respond 'bye' in a terrible mumble and head straight back to sleep! My little boy goes off on the school bus (and yes I do get him ready myself on days where I stay at mums or head there early in the morning for enquiring minds!) and of course he is off at school for the entire day and gets dropped off back to mums for the evening!
I would then get myself ready, run to the office where I have no assistant, check mails, shout at the bank over the phone and then post my orders! Perhaps, some editing here and there, a blog post or so.. a catch up on YouTube and all. I text a friend, she is normally too busy to respond cos she is at her desk OR at her lunch with her amazing colleagues.
I then decide to head off to somewhere 'interesting' that would make great instagram, snapchat or twitter posts and take pictures of my latte, salad or whatever and post it on my social media 'just for fun'! Afterwards, I run back to mums, cook, feed and give my little one a bath and then put him to bed. The rest of the night would also be the usual, perhaps some devotional and reading, being an ear to a friend complaining about her manager on the phone and having a nose on social media lol!

The Blogger Life...
It seems so PERFECT. Landscapes of Paris, shots of latte's and cappuccino, birds eye view pictures of food, seeing a blogger do a new brand campaign... the list goes on!
The life of a blogger is extremely rewarding and fruitful, however in all honesty, it can get lonely!
It gets lonely because whilst everyone else seems to be doing their 9-5, here you are typing up the newest blog post, filming a video or whatever and at times when you need to call a friend for a chit chat, no one is available. I decide to try and make my days most exciting. Its great owning my own business and blogging at the same time as it keeps me occupied but in actual fact, it can get slightly mundane and a change of atmosphere is most needed!

I know a lot of bloggers who have decided to take this exciting venture into a full time job and it is a great move! But it can get lonely.. I decided to put this post out to hopefully offer some advice on how to make your blog life exciting and well... less lonely!

1) Accept that this is your own journey- Understand that this is something you would genuinely be doing by yourself for a long time! You kind of need to get used to being lonely and make it a lifestyle.
2) Schedule your days- if all you do is literally blog then a schedule and a diary of your day would help you get through it. Because I am a mother and wife, I do get occupied with other things which is not just being on the computer all day surfing the net. I get to cook and clean and play with my son. But for those who are not there in their life yet and all you do is blog, you may want to think of other things to do to fill up your day
3) Make other blogger friends. The community is HUGE, be friendly, get to know people and meet other bloggers for lunch, and breakfast. Last week I had a great breakfast date with my friend Melissa from Go to events also, you would meet amazing people!
4) Explore! Often at least once or twice a month, I take my laptop and head to a swanky hotel in central London or even sometimes somewhere just outside London. ITS FREE! Use their wifi and order a hot meal whilst you use their facilities and update your blog!
5) Visit someone- not everyone is a blogger, but then again not everyone works! There may just be someone that may want to see you for the day! I am literally at my mums house EVERY DAY, if not just for my son but to chill out with mum! We do cool stuff like go shopping sometimes, cook and eat! It really is what you make it
6) Treat yourself! You may possibly know, there is A LOT of money in blogging. In my opinion sometimes way too much lol, however it is great to be rewarded financially for your hard work so sometimes, book a spa day (at least you can blog it!), go shopping or even window shopping.
7) Don't feel bad! I know your best friends have possibly taken another route such as working in a corporate environment, when your that friend that likes to take a pictures of everything! They would understand and appreciate your job, you would need them, I do not know what I would do without my best friends... they bring me right back down to earth and are always there to hear me complain and mumble about the world of blogging! They offer words of wisdom and inspire me to keep focussed and hopeful!

So thats it my friends, your favourite vloggers and bloggers who do this full time, are having a great life, however its normally just them and it can be a lonely world sometimes so its just a matter of working well with the time you have!



  1. Hi Chanel.To start off,I absolutely like you.Have been your subscriber on youtube for a while now.I am just starting of my blog and I do love this post.Take care

    1. Thank you! All the very best with your blog I am sure it would be amazing!

  2. Morning Chanel!

    I cannot tell you how elated I am to have come upon news of your blog home on Instagram. Why? This blog post is precisely what I needed to read on this gorgeous Friday morning, and I thank you so much! It is true. We receive what we need when we need it, per the Universe. You can count on it.

    Although I'm due for more blog updates to my WordPress blog today, and I will lovingly get to it, I shall read a few more of your wonderful posts and swan dive back into my day!

    Continue being a beautiful light to others,


    1. Thank you for reading! This was so lovely to read! Have a fabulous day :)

    2. You are most welcome! Happy Sunday to you!

  3. Hey Chanel. Thanks for posting about the loneliness off blogging. I just started blogging and I will have to admit it does get pretty hard dealing with the silence. I usually go for walks or put on some music and dance around the house to help break up my days. Plus, recently my husband has been coming home for lunch and that has defiantly helped. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for this Chanel! It was a very interesting read. You are truely a supermum!

    Love, Rasheeda

  5. Thank you so much Chanel!! I needed this! been blogging for quiet a while and your post has definetely encouraged me! You are Amazing! Thank you xx

  6. This is a very helpful post for an aspiring blogger. Having done that corporate thingy my whole life, blogging sounds like something I will enjoy as a loner at heart ;)

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  8. So glad I read this :-) much needed as I've decided to add blogging as a part time hobby among other things. Thank you for the honesty x

  9. Wonderfully done and don't forget to add some snuggle and personal time with your husband! :)

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