Tuesday 13 September 2016

But First... COCKTAILS!

Waiting on Autumn like...... Honestly, last week I bought a bunch of Autumn clothing.. Completely excited for the wind the start blowing, leaves to start falling.. and today, we get 35 degrees celsius weather. Whilst we should be grateful, most of us in the UK are completely not used to the excessive heat, it feels nice to be able to actually wear summer pieces, but all the same, my Autumn wardrobe is always more exciting. Perhaps we can label this fashion look as a transitional piece? We have a bodysuit, an a-line skirt, a cute bag, black blazer and ankle boots. A perfect fashion statement to transition into the Autumn weather which we are anticipating.
I am longing for the days where I could layer up with a knitwear jumper, scarf, knee high boots and more... but for now, I am off for some cocktails with this number!


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  1. We are also experiencing very weird weather. I was also ready for spring but we are experiencing storms and cold weather. It is very strange. I love the colours in the outfit. The boots are so cute

  2. Nice outfit, great color combination and very decent.
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