Monday 5 September 2016

Change your Mindset...

I love it when it is a Monday, I feel its an opportunity to just start afresh! I know most of us hate Mondays, but even for me working freelance, I also need to get up, get ready, and head into the office. This post, like most Motivation Monday posts is coming from the heart. I feel the need to just open up and share with you a piece of my journey, background and where I have come from. 
It is so interesting where life leads you to, you may start something either small or even with a totally different direction, but it can end up in a totally different fashion and form that will get you wondering how you even got there! 

I have mentioned this before, I was not raised in a family like the Brady bunch. In fact, I never had a difficult childhood, I was never deprived but I was not fed with a silver spoon either. The drive that I have always had is something I believe I was born with… my mind set is to always work and exceed beyond my expectations that even when confronted with the worst situations, my motive is to get out of it and prevail. I was never academically brilliant, I hate reading but preferred the aspect of a hard work ethic and being creative! I grew up on a council flat estate, my mother worked long hours but was fantastic at saving.. she always drove a new car and dressed us up in the best clothing. We had great birthdays, amazing christmas’s and travelled to Ghana once a year to visit my grandma. My family has never ‘had it’ but we aimed to get the best for what we could get our hands on. And If I am honest, within our community, we outshone others that people were envious of my parents. Why am I saying all of this you ask? 
With the rise of the internet, social media and reality TV, we are constantly bombarded with other peoples ‘amazing’ lifestyles that often make us feel slightly anxious and ‘checking our own lives’.. when will I get married? when will I get pregnant? When will I buy a house? Or Car? or even that new Chanel handbag! The background and family I have come from is NOT and has NEVER been wealthy, however, even in our Council flat home, my parents shrived for us to have a great lifestyle, ‘work with what we had’, live within our means, and get what we want.
Prosperity and wealth is purely a mind set.. it is not the physical entity that determines your wealth. Many people you see who ‘have things’ are purely living within that mind set… yes Richard Brandson has wealth, but he had to tune his mindset to achieve his wealth even whilst living in a state of poverty.

Believe you can and will always achieve your dreams. My personal life and struggle has always been my motivation and I will never forget where I started and came from. I remember the days where it was just myself and my son, who had a host of illnesses. My life shut down, for years, I dedicated my life to caring for him but always felt the urge to work silently on achieving my dreams. When my husband and I first got married, there were times we would sleep in the cold as we had no money to top up our gas for heating, on many occasions, I woke up to no electricity, but with each step of the journey. One day I will tell you guys the story where we were literally so broke that my husbands car got towed away. We had no car and we walked long distances to church whilst I was heavily pregnant and it also contributed to my pregnancy loss. My mindset was to come out of the situation and not look towards money, fame or wealth, but to see myself as a king, to work hard and to help others. 
My belief is that everyone is placed here in this life to not have a wrecked life, and even if you do, you are destined to come out of it if you change your mindset. 



  1. Thank you so much for this post Chanel, you truly have no idea how much you inspire me on a daily basis. I too have a son and I've been battling with depression and so many other things but reading your stories and watching your journey is slowing but surely helping me. Thank you for encouraging me. Hopefully one day I can tell you my story.
    Wishing you and your beautiful family nothing but success. Xx

  2. This is an amazing post Chanel. It's easy for us to judge people solely based on what we see in pictures. The smiles hide all the insecurities and problems we are really facing. It's incredible that you are sharing your true self with all of us and showing us that you are also human. This post hit home with me even though our stories are different. Keep being this hardworking and postive person. God bless you. Desylvia x

  3. Thank You for the inspiring post.

  4. Such an inspiring post, i love it when people share their experiences, makes you feel less alone and also inspires you to do more, be more and want more. I know if Chanel can do it, then I can do it too.

    1. Of course you can! We all can! Thank you so much x

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