Thursday, 29 September 2016


Whilst this particular fashion item is something I steer away from because of the lack in shape, I found the style of this skirt so appealing from River Island Plus. When you are quite shapely around the hips as I am, it can be very difficult to wear any item of clothing that is a-line especially when it has a linen inserted. I also found with this skirt, I have to go a size up resulting in the waist being large and the skirt kinda short (but cute) but fitting pretty well in the end.

So I took the skirt and thought of two ways to style it up. Both quite classy outfit looks, yet one more 'I'm going to my first day at a new job' vs 'I run the office'!

Look No.1 ' 'My first day at a new job
Loafers with a glass perspex heel, a simple white chiffon blouse, tights and a tiny cute clutch bag. Formal yet comfortable and recommendable for optimist style and class.


Here we have The 'I run the office' look! Chucking away the flat loafers and swapping for a sophisticated ankle sock high heeled suede boot, a choker body and a double breasted blazer. 'ICONIC'!




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