Saturday 12 November 2016


Whilst I pretty much did not do too much whilst in Brussels as I absolutely enjoy relaxing in The Hotel, I have put together a quick post on things to do whilst in the beautiful European city of Brussels.
1) Where to Sleep...
There are many amazing luxury and low budget hotels in the city, but I feel that every woman deserves a good treatment any time they travel out of their country. The Hotel, Brussels is one of the most relaxing, therapeutic, contemporary hotels with a beautiful aesthetic and has the best panoramic views over the city of Brussels. Located on the fashion district of Brussels, Avenue Louise, I was blessed to be able to have a stay on a press package so I experienced the best service the Hotel had to offer. I visited earlier this year and was so happy to come again. The rooms are comfortable, clean and spacious and very private. I enjoyed several glasses of wine with a friend whilst we dined on fine food from the room service option. 

2) Places to Shop
Avenue Louise is a prestigious and expensive street in Brussels, kind of like the London's version of Sloane Street. It has a fleet of designer stores from Burberry to Louis Vuitton, I shopped quite lightly as I honestly did not go with a budget at all! Other places to shop are just across from Avenue Louise where there are more affordable retail stores including a massive Apple and Marks and Spencers, H&M and more.

3) Places to Eat

 I literally ate out twice whilst in the city, my first stop was an Iraqian restaurant. The food was similar to Morrocan food in terms of the rice and kebab and choices of stews and meat. The restaurant was located on an avenue where there were a fleet of restaurants off Avenue Louise, I spotted oriental restaurants, cafes and bakeries. Whilst I am certain there are more places to eat around the city, its nice to have everything central. Grand Place is a sightseeing district also with a great shopping experience as well as amazing places to eat.

4) Places to Visit
Grand Place is a beautiful square with the most gorgeous European detailed architecture, filled with old Cathedrals now turned museums, when you enter the square, you are confronted by a fleet of chocolate indulging shops as well as many tourist shops. As this was my last day, I did not stay too long, but managed to snap a few of the shots below....

 I wish there was more I could show you, I had a very short stay, mainly for a chance to relax with a dear friend so did not make time to do too much. I hope this post helps you out if you decide to visit Brussels.



  1. Very nice! I love these images and it looks like you had a lovely time. I hope to also experience this soon!


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