Monday, 5 December 2016

Love Thy Neighbour...

Happy New Week, Happy Monday!

A beautiful young lady at my first ever Beauty Con Event I have attended in the audience literally caught me off guard whilst I was on a panel speaking about the Changing Face of Beauty. Honestly, since it was a Beauty event, I never would have ever expected this beautiful young lady to be so inspired by my story to ask me to 'quote' a scripture from the Bible. Its no secret that I am inspired by Christianity in everything I do, but even with everything God has done in my life, my memory for Bible scriptures can be very blank! I literally had an embarrassing brain fart of course, but thank the Holy Spirit for the scripture of 'Love Thy Neighbour' which I had briefly responded and I felt the audience were able to take that away and be inspired to. Now of course I had to look it up word for word when I got home to even remind myself of what that scripture really means.

Mark 12:31- 'Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself' 
I am so happy I was able to bless the audience with that scripture because it applies to all of us. Wether you are a believer like myself, it is extremely relevant to love. 

Now, leading onto this topic, about love, can we question ourselves and ask how much love do we give and have for one another? In a very hateful world and society and sometimes even community, it is very difficult to either get love or give love. I have already spoken in my previous post about Anxiety and how much I have tolerated this particular year of 2016. And I have also recently discovered that some of the main reasons for Anxiety and Depression are due to lack of love. Love for yourself and others. When I position myself in a positive area with good people around me, with peace and tranquility and a sound mind, it helps me serve as a passionate person to people who are lacking in that area of love. 
Have you ever felt that you are so preoccupied with life, work, relationships and friendships that allow you to some times lose focus on what really matters. In the process, stress kicks in, you become unaware of the most important thing which is love. Perhaps you are a person who hates to see people being hurt, or certain aspects of the community not being respected or recognised, yet, your love for yourself and some people is non existence. If you cannot love, you would never be happy.
The opposite of Love...
I personally hate the word 'hate'. and have often caught myself repenting when I say 'I hate someone'. The truth is, it is very vile and mean, and somewhat 'bullyish'  (not in the dictionary but you get me!) statement. Its actually quite extreme, no one is saying you should like everyone, because we have preferences, but to hate someone, because of who they choose to be is what is going to cause you to hate YOURSELF.

Negativity vs Positivity.
We all yearn a positive atmosphere and a healthy lifestyle, but for some, people choose to actually sit in the seat of negativity. For the past year and a bit, I have been acquainted with someone who I have ALWAYS known was negative. Normally for me, I would never even give that sort of person a chance or attention, but I made excuses for them in my head that 'that is how they are, so its okay'. I then started to recognise my affiliations with the individual, although not every day, but even a small fraction of our ties, were cutting a very important aspect of me, and that was my relationship with myself, others and even God. My mental health state worsened and thats where Anxiety kicked in at 300mph. It was as if I almost forgotten how grounded my African mother raised me to be, and how it wrecked with my soul and put me in a place I have actually never been. This is what negativity, and bad energy from people can do to you. You lack love for yourself and others. Believe it or not, but everyone has access to Positivity. Its not far from us. In your lonely state you can find things to do that can help you build positivity. I have a beautiful friend who has shown me the beauty and quality of life and how to respect myself as a woman and others. Our conversations are priceless and meaningful and can be used to apply in so many aspects of my life for self growth and love for myself and my peers.  I would be doing an entire blog post on people to avoid and people that you NEED to keep in your life and we would speak about negative people in detail.



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  2. I'm an inspiring blogger and this is where I want my blog to start from. I want people to know that sometimes love thy self helps you love your neighbor. Especially when we think of having a relationship. We first have to love our-self. Thanks for the post.

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