Friday, 20 October 2017


 It's priceless moments like this that you can never forget. I am not sure if an event like a baby shower is even important for most people to be OTT about, but for me... I took this baby shower as a celebration for all of my children. Both living and dead.
When I was pregnant with Emmanuel over 8 years ago at the age of 21, I planned to have a baby shower of course. My best friend and I wanted to do a blue and white theme, prepare games and all of the works... the same with the twin pregnancy. My sister went as far as preparing and sending out the invitations, it was meant to be a fun yellow and white theme, games, dancing and music- both in which we planned to have at the family home (mums house), my people put together mood boards and looked at so much inspiration.
Unfortunately, none of these came to pass because of my unfortunate pregnancies ending quickly or in a tragedy.
September 2017, and I miraculously manage to get to 32 weeks- something which took a few weeks of planning, my sister and two best friends worked as a team to prepare an event that I would never forget. So much love, glitz and glam went into the baby shower. It was literally treated as if it were my wedding day! And then my guests appear, joyful, full of love and showered me with so much blessings and prayers. I specifically reached out to my nearest and dearest family and friends for this shower. It meant so much to me that people took time out of their usual busy weekend to celebrate with me, and although not everyone invited showed up.. the few who came with so much love and support literally brought so much emotion to me. When I walked into the beautifully decorated room that had so much detail and beauty my heart melted. I am not sure if people realised how much it made my heart smile that I had finally been able to get as far in a pregnancy to even have a baby shower.
One thing I know is, they will be apart of this baby's life for a long time to come.
Here are the pictures of my beautiful and intimate baby shower taken by photographer Abiola Renee @abiolarenee.
Credits of everyone would be left beneath this post.
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Photo Credits:
Photographer: @abiolarenee
Makeup: @sandymua
Decoration: @magicalmomentslondon
Dress: Custom Made
Fabric: @glitzFabric_
Location: Moore Spice Indian Restaurant



  1. Channel I am so happy for you. Watching your journey for a couple years now and to see this makes my heart smile. Blessings upon blessings to you and Ambrose!

  2. Congratulations and everything was so beautiful

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