Monday, 2 October 2017

What I have been expecting...

2017 has surely been an eventful year, not just for myself but for the entire world. It is so interesting that even with all of the controversies, tragedies and disappointments our world is facing, there is still room in ones life for a blessing. A blessing big or small, size does not even matter, is something that can change your life. It definitely can add to you in a way that you will be transformed.

So, I am expecting...
Something so special, and this is beautiful as it is Gods timing. My previous pregnancy in 2014 resulted in the fatal and tragic loss of my twin angels, a boy and a girl... I waited... even whilst being married to the man of my dreams, with all the expectations expected of me to 'try again' straight away... I still knew I had to wait. I am glad to say my blessed husband has been nothing but my anchor in this decision to just wait... for 3 years, we have not tried for a child. 
And so, my journey started last year June of 2016, yeah I know, not quite 9 months right?.. its a long story sis... I have archived it all, and I am ready and happy to share. This story starts with part 1: I suggest you hang on, and follow along, it will all make sense once baby is finally born, which is literally a stretch away.
My bundle of joy is due very soon.. I am not quite ready to share his due date, but it will be sooner than you expect.

My Pregnancy has been amazing! All I can say is, if you are expecting or you plan on being pregnant, try enjoy each step of it. I think it was so refreshing to keep it all to myself off of the internet as it gave me confidence and focus. You will probably think I have not been up to nothing much but actually, I have been out and about, shopping, dinners with friends, loads of time with family, and I also started a new business when I was about 6 months pregnant to keep me busy. I have been nothing but a busy girl boss these past few months and what was meant to have been a pregnancy where I lay entirely flat for its duration, ended up with me completely taking control, owning my body and working with my baby to pull through right until full term.

What you should be expecting...
My absence online had been so useful for me to just get so many things in order. I have missed making content, but within this time I have been helping other influencers also and I pursue to continue to support them anyway I can (details about my new business would be shared soon!) I feel this pregnancy and of course when baby has arrived has given an addition to my brand and the choices of content I would be creating. I love lifestyle blogging and my plan is to extend my blogging   and content into parenting and mummy style documenting which would be featured on my second channel: Chanel's House... please do subscribe.
My mission is to also be a support for women who have been through my issues such as dealing with miscarriages etc. I am so delighted I could use my story, influence and platform to reach out to you all.
My loyal fans and supporters have given me a reason to really push amazing content, and of course you would be getting the very best out of the content I normally create including Plus Size Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and the new addition of parenting and mummy videos!

Finally, I am in my Third Trimester... its a new feeling for me. I never normally get this far. But we made it, and I am proud of me and my baby working together with the love of God to get us through to this stage. With Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, swollen feet and an ache in pelvis from the stitch, I am just completely happy, blessed and excited to give birth to this beauty. 
My baby shower was on Saturday, and I even made time for an epic maternity shoot which you can see here on this post. 
The next few weeks you are about to see my world, as I have archived so much, I hope you could be inspired and motivated by this journey no matter the stage you are in your life.

Photo Credits:
Mateus Sitek: @matsitek
Makeup: @_mojomakeup



  1. May the God of life protect you and the baby you are carryingπŸ™ Congrats! we all cried with you for the twins but God knew better 😊

  2. May God bless you and you family with many more blessing. Thanks for sharing your journey with us😊

  3. Congratulations to you and hubby. All the best with the birth. Look forward to seeing your new bundle of joy xxx

  4. I pray that God will continue to keep you both now and throughout your delivery... Congratulations �� and God bless you and your family

  5. So happy for you! I'm only few days away from my first ivf after 3 years of infertility... and I'm actually so scared! Your journey inspires me, makes me think positively... you are such an isparation

  6. oh Chanel you look absolutely stunning! A massive Congratulations to you and your hubby!! So so happy for you,cannot wait for new content

  7. All the best Chanel, baby bump suits you xx

  8. Chanel, I am so happy for you and your husband. My God continue to bless your home and congratulations lady. You deserve every blessing God sends your way.

  9. Chanel, He makes everything beautiful at the right time.

  10. Congratulations Chanel, may God continue showering you & your loved ones with his abundant blessings.

  11. Congratulations dear, safe delivery

  12. 🎊 congratulations Chanel. Safe delivery.

  13. Congratulations Chanel on this beautiful blessing. We all hear about Gods time but it’s amazing to see before our eyes your journey, your testimony. Your faith has always been unwavering and you are truly an inspiration to young women everywhere. Congratulations again on a beautiful healthy baby boy ��♥️

  14. From seeing you in NYC during the meet up and praying for you periodically during your break... Girl I know God's been so good to you. You will thrive my dear. You will continue to be blessed in your marriage and motherhood. Increase on every side. I celebrate u sis!!! Congratulations on this new season. May rejoicing never depart from your midst!!

  15. Congrats Chanel - wish you family all the best with the coming addition to your family - can't wait to see / read about your new project


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