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Well, its all OVER! A full 39 weeks of carrying life and birthing our beautiful baby boy. If you have not already, do catch up with my birth vlog here:

We all hear of the usual complaints that come from women who are pregnant.. sore back, frequently using the loo, food cravings, but I thought I would put together a list of 10 of my honest pregnancy truths.

First of all, can we admire this shoot? I had absolutely no inspiration behind this theme, but the fact that I was feeling a little ugly and felt I had lost all sex appeal and wanted to look and feel sexy again- whilst pregnant.
Perhaps during your pregnancy, you may feel like you are not a 10, but a little glitz and glam could change that feeling, I felt a million dollars on this day!

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1. Not being able to lay on your stomach:
Its an obvious and logical thing to sleep on your side whilst you are asleep during pregnancy. Most doctors recommend to sleep on your left for blood to flow properly. But what happens if you are the type (like myself) who always loves a tummy slumber... well, you just got to forget about that for the duration of the pregnancy and even a little after as your tummy may feel too tender to lay on straight after giving birth. At the moment I am 2 weeks postpartum and find that I can't lay on my stomach for too long as before, hoping it will get better soon!

2. Can't get out of cars in parking bays!
Omg, is this a fat girl problem or a pregnancy problem? I have only encountered this in my pregnancy to be fair! Lol, honestly, I discovered as my bump grew, that when I parked my car in certain car parks that had small narrow bays, I literally would not be able to open the door and exit or enter my car!

3. Rings stop fitting
As a married woman, I love to wear my ring! It literally completes me. But, it gets to a point where your fingers start to swell and you have to keep it in a jewellery box for several months! At this point I am still not wearing my rings as my fingers are still swollen as well as developing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy.

4. Weird Dreams...
A common occurrence during pregnancy, I believe its the anxiousness and anticipation of having a newborn. In all of my pregnancies from the earliest gestation until the end, I had some sort of funky dream! The weirdest dream I had during this pregnancy was given birth to a large baby girl who looked exactly like me, bare in mind this was well after I found out the sex of my baby being a boy!

5. Confrontational
Or may be its just me? I had so many altercations during my pregnancy it was unbelievable but contrary to that also, I found myself being extremely affectionate and loving towards my loved ones! I think emotions like this are triggered by the changes in hormones, whilst I am normally an open and honest person in the first place, I felt during this pregnancy that I was brutally honest and normally that may not always be the case. Wondering if this 'symptom' would carry on for a while to come lol!

6. Not wanting to share a bed!
I of course share a bed with my spouse... but on so many occasions I just wanted to kick him out the bed! The extra person I was growing inside of me made me always feel extra hot and as if I was a house and I needed so much extra room... but what tended to happen when my husband would find a comfortable spot on the sofa is I would feel lonely and instantly call him back to bed! It has been amazing since we have had the baby to finally enjoy sharing the bed without the extra cushion in the front!

7. Relying on someone to cream your feet after a shower.
Not sure if this issue is for every pregnant woman, but the more you grow, the harder it becomes to bend down, pick things up and tend to your feet! I normally get ready in the morning whilst my husband is at work, so can you imagine coming out of the shower to no one being able to help me cream my feet! I literally had to wait until the evening everyday to get my husband to oil my feet and carried my dry feet for the entire day! It was also an excuse to get him to give me foot massage so its not a bad idea after all!

8. Washing Dishes hurts your back?
How you ask? When your stomach is in the way of the sink you literally need to crouch to reach the sink, this in turn made my lower back ache! Ouch! I often found myself washing the dishes from the side sometimes!

9. Soiling food on clothes
Again, that belly in the way again? No problem! I often just smother my food on my top because of how large my stomach was! You may just need a bib to save you the embarrasment!

10. Facial changes
Most women complain about body changes during pregnancy such as weight gain, stretch marks, body shape change, enlarged boobs. However for me, on top of these, I am one of them women who completely looks like a different woman. My face and neck gets darker, my nose gets larger, my lips swell up! All of this and I am told I have a 'beautiful glow' which I found so hard to see sometimes!

All in all, I could not be more thankful and grateful for all of these changes. Bringing fourth my joy is what I look forward to.

Please let me know, what other pregnancy truths can you share?
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  1. Hello,Congratulations aunt Chanel, I am so so happy for you and your family, I pray nothing but the best for you. May God bless you and the new baby ��, all I could do was cry the tears of joy, I've been a subscriber for years and I just want you to know how happy I am for you.

  2. I'm so happy for you and your hubby. You guys deserve this bundle of joy. My goodness Emanuel is a big brother now!!

  3. I want to say congratulations to you, your husband, your son and your family on your baby boy. Truly a blessing from God. I want to say that your faith, honesty and general attitude through this pregnancy and in general is a blessing to me. Continue to stand firm in Christ and may he bless your household in abundance.

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