Wednesday, 2 May 2018

6 M O N T H S

It can take 6 months for you to learn a new skill that can change your life, 6 months to build a business, 6 months to settle in a new chapter of your life. But for me, it has been 6 months since I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, an answered prayer and a testimony of my patience... and 6 months since I have updated this blog lol! Sorry about that!

Baby Anijaye (AJ) was born 2nd November at 6lbs 3oz, and whilst this blog is late to join the party about his updates, my YouTube channels have kept most of you up to date about his birth and monthly updates. Since his birth, life has changed. I would save my deeper changes about life for another blog post, but for now- we are just about adapted to endless nappy changing and sleepless nights. We had a Christmas together as a family with our then newborn, the new year, my 30th Birthday, and of course, kicking back into the regular scheduling and work.

Our baby has changed the mood of our household, including even how we interact as a family. It feels so strange also, as I finally see his elder brother Emmanuel as a big boy now, up and till then, he honestly has been my only baby! I have laid low so to speak also, and just enjoying life with a new baby as well as being just overall thankful for such new beginnings. Having this baby has just genuinely opened my heart, mind and spirit and I have been able to fearlessly embrace so much more.

Within these 6 months, I have given myself the opportunity to re-shuffle and juggle life.  Getting into a routine has not been easy as I fully work from home now, however, I manage to meet deadlines most of the time and have gotten a virtual team on board to help out with business. We are approaching summer, and I am just super excited for fun times out with the family, parties, food and just sharing the love all round. A blog that has been running since 2009, I still hope I could just be consistent with it... well, lets see!

I have had so much fun taken LOADS of pictures with AJ over the last 6 months, and honestly, a lot of these pictures are candid shots from my phone. Whilst my blog pics have perfectly shot photography, there are just some moments that require a simple snap shot and here are some of them! So for the sake of sharing with you our past few months, I hope you enjoy these cute moments of our little bundle of joy x



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