Thursday, 29 July 2021


Not me finding my logins for my blog 2 minutes to the midnight of the 29th July literally 3 exact years SINCE MY LAST POST! Nothing is by coincidence they say, and 3, is a special number for me not only because I am 33 years old now, but I have always found discoveries with that magical number.

Today and only today, after all of these years, I am revisiting this little place online that I had forgotten about. I am working on an important submission, which made me revisit today and I could not find my logins for the entire day, and I was completely blind sighted at the fact that my last post was on the 29th July 2018 until a couple of minutes ago and within minutes, I gained access to my blog! 

I am not stopping, because truthfully speaking who even reads blogs anymore? I had to write this moment down, nothing is by coincidence and I am excited to be in full sync with my destiny. A lot has happened in 3 years and when I am ready to rebrand this blog... as clearly, it deserves to live on... I will share it all with you. I am so excited. This is a great day.

Love you all babies!




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