Wednesday 1 February 2023

A Month to Remember.. January Rundown

I always say it is so special to be born in the month of January and be a newborn new year baby literally. There is something so endearing about having a new birthday right at the beginning of the year. I am a target and goal setter and I am also a visionary so creating mood boards,  writing down plans ahead and of course my new life ahead of me following a major life update. The start of the year and having a milestone birthday during this period is such a blessing that I could work towards my progresses month by month, for the rest of the month.  This year as I turned 35 years old, I hit a few milestones, some I shared with you via my YouTube channel, social media and of course this website and some are major personal life changes. 

In today's post on the blog, I want to share with you a recap of my birthday month and how I celebrated myself in this new transitional period of my life. This period certainly is the beginning of an end and I am not saying I have it all figured out, but one thing about me is... I will always have a plan. God is certainly giving me wisdom for this plan and I want and need to ensure I stick according to his perfect will for my life. 

Divorce- I shared on the 4th January 2023 a major life update. It was major gossip behind the scenes for everyone who was speculating, but in true Chanel Boateng style, I take my time to share any major life update and when I feel most comfortable in sharing. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the outpouring of love and support once I shared this news. I never imagined a video like this would be released on my channel,  but then again.. I knew deep down my life was entering a major shift and my main goal is to be happy and live for myself and my children and the God I serve. I walk away with dignity, respect for myself and family and contentment with our decision as a couple/family. Whilst the news seems so fresh to you all, my maternal issues have been a silent battle for me, and as a Christian, I tried to have faith in it all, but deep down knowing God's will for where he wanted to place me. I have prioritise at the end of the day, and it will always be my children first, so the new life ahead is going to be better for us all, and I pray for an onward life of peace and contentment and true understanding of our new normal.

The Re-birth of Chanel Boateng- If you check out my previous post, I share a little more detail on the new branding, If you are an OG follower, you would know that my original brand name I created in 2012 was Chanel Boateng. I am so excited to revert back to this name as it is what really catapulted me online to the platform I have built today. Take time to watch the video of the behind the scenes shoot for the website/blog relaunch as well as an exclusive interview discussing the rebrand.

My 35th Birthday- First of all, I celebrated on my own. I booked a luxury SPA date and had afternoon tea which was simply delicious at The Cambridge Country Club This has got to be the best birthday I ever celebrated so far. I didn't even plan on having a '35th' but it all came together so seamlesly in the end. Firstly, we started at home with a private dinner with my best friends. There is something so special about celebrating life in a new age with people you have had in your life for over 20 years. I always say how truly blessed I am to have a circle of friends and family who truly care about me and have always been understanding and are proud of where I have come from and what I am doing. We then headed to London for drinks and small bites with more of my friends, this time friends I have also known for about that amount of time, or even known for less than a year or 5 years.. it didn't matter to me, all I wanted was to be surrounded by the most love and positivity. Finally we ended the night at a night club in central London, it was much more intimate with family and a few of my best friends. We danced the night away and I of course had quite a bit to booze on! A birthday cake, more dancing and finally ended up staying overnight at one of my favourite hotels- Intercontinental O2 in Greenwich London.

Style and Makeup- I would say the theme of glam and beauty this month is very much drama with deep dark smokey eyes and black outfits. I felt my mood was to accentuate my dark femininity yet feel the need to stand out. I am so glad to also be back on YouTube doing makeup videos and I have started by sharing my Birthday makeup here. This month, I wore a lot of black, this weather is so cold so it feels only right to warm myself up with some black outfits. 

Fashion Reels: Birthday Dress Transition
Pink dress: Sold Out
Pink Shoes: Here
Black Dress: Here
Black Shoes: Sold Out

For more fashion and beauty inspired looks this month, make sure to check out my Instagram.

Finally, I ended the month with a weekend in Paris with my sister in Disneyland. There is still much content yet to be shared over the next week or so, but just to say... there is always an excuse to stop everything and head to Paris.



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